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We are licensed in Texas and Arkansas and work with local counsel to pursue cases in surrounding states like Tennessee, Mississippi, and Missouri. We will help you understand if you do or do not have a case--and why--in simple, direct terms. 

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marc small goodFor medical malpractice inquiries in Texas and Arkansas:

You may email attorney Marc Stewart directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or complete our online form and we'll contact you. Please provide complete contact information and details of your situation including the hospital or care facility where the event occurrred, when the event occurred, the name of the person whom you feel is responsible for the possible error, and a quick synopsis of what you believe your case is about. Also note if you have any medical records, photos, or other items that help us assess your case.

If We Pursue Your Case:

To be able to fulfill our promise, we need a few things from you if we accept you as our client:

  • We need to hear all of the facts of your story--every detail. 
  • We need to know of any personal details, both current or past, that could come to light and impact your case (felony convictions, prior lawsuits, etc.)
  • We need your assistance in obtaining the records and information we need.
  • We need your speedy response and follow-through so we can keep your case moving.
  • We need your patience to work through the legal process. 
  • We need your trust as your educated and experienced legal advisor.

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