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Don't turn away legitimate medical malpractice cases. Send them to us.

We are proud to say most of our cases come from referrals, by both attorneys and previous clients. If you find yourself with a conflict of interest, dealing with an area outside your specific expertise, or in need of local counsel, call Marc Stewart Law, PLLC. Our peers speak highly about the effectiveness of our firm, but also the professionalism and integrity we display with clients and associates, and throughout the industry. We value open and honest communication. We're available and accessible. And, because of our knowledge and experience in this area, we are able to assess cases quickly, often with no expense or delay. We welcome your referrals--and the opportunity to collaborate with you in representing good cases and good clients. 

Medical malpractice is a field of practice that is far different from other types of personal injury. It is more expensive to litigate. It has its own unique set of hurdles and "gotchas." It is constantly changing. And, it requires comprehensive knowledge of medicine and medical experts. It is difficult for attorneys who "dabble" in medical malpractice to maintain top expertise on all fronts. For us, however, medical malpractice is an area of great emphasis and long-term success. In fact, for attorney Marc Stewart, it's essentially all he does, and has done since becoming licensed in Texas in 1999.

Many attorneys have stopped taking medical malpractice cases, especially in Texas. Not us. Despite the hurdles of "tort reform" and the new rules, we have thrived and continue to successfully resolve medical malpractice claims. Tort reform does not scare us. We have adapted and developed smart formulas for working and serving our clients under the new rules. With our experience and in-house expertise, we're able to keep costs to a minimum, while being aggressive in earning the maximum amount possible for our clients. If you have found that the new climate is no longer palatable or practical for your business, we can help you maintain your involvement in medical malpractice cases with a simple referral to our firm. For medical malpractice cases in Texas and Arkansas, we offer a great competitive advantage to you and your clients.

  • We know the laws.
  • We understand the medicine.
  • We have an extensive team of medical experts.
  • We know how to resolve these claims successfully.
  • We'll take great care of your clients.

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