Have You Had Open Heart Surgery or a Liver Transplant in the Last Few Years?

Have you received a letter from your hospital stating that you may have been exposed to a Mycobacterium chimaera infection?

Have you been diagnosed with a Mycobacterium chimaera infection?

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Local Bankruptcy Attorney Dallas

Local Bankruptcy Attorney Dallas

Many people do not realize the rights available to them. As an American, you have the right to file for bankruptcy when you find yourself in a financial crisis. Rather than dealing with harassment from creditors, you can retain counsel and file for bankruptcy. Whenever you need a local bankruptcy attorney in Dallas, turn to our bankruptcy attorney at Allen Stewart, P.C.

At Allen Stewart, PC, our aim is to help individuals in the center of financial crisis get out of these worst times. We provide bankruptcy and financial distress services to individuals in Dallas, Texas, and nearby communities. Our knowledgeable attorneys will consider various factors such as your situation, type of debt, income, as well as the kind of relief you needed. With this, we will be able to determine if filing Chapter 7, 13, or 11 bankruptcies will be right for you.

In addition, the bankruptcy division of our firm will negotiate with your creditors, handle ongoing litigations, reach settlements with the IRS, and help with wage garnishment. We will also stop creditors from harassing you unduly. This will give you enough time to breathe and discover your financial footing again. No matter the severity of your financial hardship, our team of local bankruptcy attorney in Dallas will provide you the professional guidance and support you need.

We Help Eliminate Fear and Uncertainty

Unfortunately, not every individual is aware of the benefits of filing bankruptcy. Rather, they are overwhelmed with the fear and uncertainty. Our knowledgeable attorneys at Allen Stewart, P.C. will educate you on the benefits of filing bankruptcy. We will guide you on how to file and help you gather all the required documentation. Most importantly, we will develop a personalized, unique strategy to help you repay your debts.

What’s more, our bankruptcy lawyers will determine the best option for your unique situation. Our bankruptcy attorneys will handle every detail that occur inside and outside the courtroom. Right from the start, you will be aware of everything that will happen to your finances and assets. By hiring our local bankruptcy attorney in Dallas, you can eliminate any uncertainty or fear involved in filing bankruptcy.

We Offer Financial Distress Services

In addition to helping our clients file bankruptcy, we provide other financial distress services. These include reaching a settlement with the IRS; negotiating with creditors; addressing ongoing lawsuits, monetary judgments; or garnishment.

What’s more, we will be there to encourage and support you while dealing with being backward on your business failure, job loss, home, or car. Even if you are experiencing a medical condition, we will help you recover to full health. We will take time to assess your unique needs and develop a personalized solution for your financial situation. With this, we can help resolve your issues and relieve stress.

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Are you struggling financially? Have you considered filing bankruptcy? Call us today at Allen Stewart, P.C. to speak to our local bankruptcy attorney in Dallas. We are available to talk with you and discuss your options. The first consultation is free. A fantastic experience awaits you.

Local Bankruptcy Attorney Dallas

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