Have You Had Open Heart Surgery or a Liver Transplant in the Last Few Years?

Have you received a letter from your hospital stating that you may have been exposed to a Mycobacterium chimaera infection?

Have you been diagnosed with a Mycobacterium chimaera infection?

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Marylands Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Specialist

High interest debt and past due accounts can leave you feeling as though you're drowning in debt, but there are real solutions available to you that you may not have considered. Maryland's Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Specialist can help you determine whether you're a good candidate for Chapter 7 and can answer all of your questions about bankruptcy when you call The Law Office of Daniel J. Guenther at (301) 475-3106. Find out more about the unique benefits of having your bankruptcy filed by our professionals when you explore the resources on our website.

3 Reasons to Hire Attorney Daniel J. Guenther As Your Bankruptcy Specialist

1. Attorney Guenther has been helping families in your community resolve debt issues for more than three decades; our law firm's experience is one of the reasons why so many have turned to us for a debt strategy that leads to a positive outcome. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer's expertise is essential when it comes to finding a lasting solution; we welcome your phone call or email inquiring about our credentials.

2. Our firm's reputation speaks for itself. You have only to type our name into the Web to find countless client testimonials sharing stories of success in becoming debt free and finding the path to a brighter financial future. Chapter 7 bankruptcy could prove to be an excellent option for you if you're dealing with any of the following:

  • Harassing phone calls about past due bills
  • High interest credit card debt
  • Overwhelming financial stress
  • Lawsuits involving unpaid accounts

In many cases, clients who file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy are able to keep their assets; Maryland's Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Specialist can assist you in determining eligibility when you call our office today.

3. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is not the best debt solution for everyone, which is why our law firm also specializes in Chapter 13 bankruptcy. There are several key differences between Southern Maryland Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, so it's essential that you consult with a knowledgeable attorney who can help you experience the maximum benefit from filing for bankruptcy. Your income and assets will determine how to proceed following our initial consultation.

What Debts Are Forgiven Under Chapter 7?

One of the most attractive aspects of filing for Chapter 7 is that it can discharge most unsecured debts; foremost on the list, credit card debt, which can be financially devastating for many of our clients. If you've been paying the minimum on your credit card bills each month, your balance may have significantly accumulated over the years. Chapter 7 bankruptcy could clear the slate for you and help you start over with your finances. Additional examples of unsecured debt include:

  • Medical bills
  • Personal loans
  • Utility bills
  • Certain types of back rent

When you're ready to speak with Maryland's Chapter 7 bankruptcy Specialist, make a phone call to The Law Office of Daniel J. Guenther to learn how bankruptcy could help you out of debt and improve the cash flow situation in your household.



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