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Semi Truck Wreck Attorney Louisville Ky

Semi Truck Wreck Attorney Louisville Ky

Most of the fatalities and injuries in semi-truck accidents are the drivers and passengers of smaller vehicles. If you or someone you love has been involved in a semi-truck accident and are looking for a semi-truck wreck attorney Louisville, Ky, Winton & Hiestand Law Group is your best possible representation.

What to do after a semi-truck accident

Accidents involving semi-trucks require different approaches than those involving passenger vehicles. It is crucial to consult a semi-truck attorney when involved in these kinds of disasters. Your priority after reporting to the police and receiving the necessary medical services is contacting us. We will give a free initial consultation and help you receive everything you require for proper physical and financial recovery.

Every trucking accident is unique. What one person has gotten as compensation in one case is not what someone else will. Insurance companies will try to settle hurriedly. Never fall for this trap because these insurance companies are never acting in your best interest. A hurried settlement usually does not take into consideration the physiological and psychological toll the accident will have in your life in the long run. We properly evaluate your case and involve knowledgeable doctors to accurately establish the extent of your physical and psychological pain which have a bearing on how much compensation you can get. 

How does a semi-truck wreck attorney help me?

A semi-truck wreck attorney Louisville, Ky, deeply understands the tactics which insurance companies use to bring down the amount you deserve after an accident. We have a network of qualified investigators and expert witnesses who help with every aspect of your case. Generally, after an accident, the trucking company and its insurer launch investigations on the scene of the accidents. State authorities also undertake the same, which can significantly improve your case. Once you have contracted our services, our team begin our investigation immediately, making sure to gather all the necessary data and record everything immediately.

In our investigations, our lawyers record witness statements, photograph the scene of the accident, and carry out an examination of the vehicle involved to establish the extent of the crash. We do this by reviewing the available camera footage, mandatory police and accident reports, interviewing witnesses, reviewing and analyzing medical reports, obtaining the semi-truck driver’s alcohol and drug test, etc. We also ensure the protection of any critical evidence from being corrupted by serving the insurance company with a spoliation letter requiring them to retain all and any records relevant to this the case.

Determination of compensation after a semi-truck accident

The compensation for semi-truck accidents falls into two categories, i.e., economic damages and non-economic damages. Economic damages compensation in semi-truck accidents covers your current medical expenses, any future medical expenses, lost wages, and loss of any future earning ability. Non-economic damages take into consideration the pain and suffering of the victim, mental anguish, and loss of consortium of the affected person.

To get these and many other benefits get in touch with Winton & Hiestand Law Group for the best semi-truck wreck attorney Louisville, Ky.

Semi Truck Wreck Attorney Louisville Ky
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