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Have you been diagnosed with a Mycobacterium chimaera infection?

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Sexual abuse attorney

Sexual abuse attorney

Despite the prevalence of sexual abuse in the country, a lot of victims do not know their rights. This is particularly true of those that have been abused by someone occupying a position of authority such as a teacher, priest, employer, or doctor. These perpetrators often rely on legal support from their institutions, leaving the victims all the more powerless. At Horowitz Law, we have sexual abuse attorneys that are passionate about representing victims of sexual assault and helping them hold the perpetrators responsible.

Why is sexual abuse underreported?

Statistics show that only a little over 20% of sexual abuse victims report to the police. Victims often feel ashamed or embarrassed and they sometimes do not report because they are afraid of the power the perpetrator wields. In many cases, however, the victims do not report because they do not know they can bring their abuser to book. Horowitz sexual abuse attorneys can help you hold the abuser criminally liable while helping you secure the compensation you deserve.

Is there any difference between criminal and civil standards when it comes to sexual abuse cases?

As with most other state laws, Florida laws permit pursuing a sexual abuse claim not minding whether the police have prosecuted the perpetrator or not. The amount of evidence needed to prove a crime has been committed differs for both cases. While a criminal case has to be proven 'beyond reasonable doubt', you can still win a significant amount as compensation in a civil case even in the absence of absolute certainty.

Why should I file a sexual abuse lawsuit?

Victims of sexual abuse as well as the society have a lot to gain from filing a personal injury claim. Studies have shown that victims experience therapeutic benefits from confronting their abuser through the proper justice channels. Although the process of coming forward may be difficult, the victim can get the much-needed closure by doing so. The civil cases could also serve as a deterrent for potential abusers while saving those that might have been potential victims. 

What kind of compensation can I hope for?

The compensatory damages paid to a victim of sexual abuse usually include past and future medical expenses, damages for pain and suffering, as well as lost wages. Our sexual abuse attorney at Horowitz Law would look into the peculiarity of your case to determine the kind of damages you are entitled to and the potential amount.

How long after an incident can I pursue a civil case

If you or anyone you know experiences sexual abuse, the best course of action would be to pursue a case immediately. However, you need not worry if the incident took place a long time ago. Civil sexual abuse cases have a longer statute of limitations than criminal cases. As long as you have decided to speak out, our sexual abuse attorneys at Horowitz Law are ready to take up your case.


At Horowitz Law, we recognize the trauma experienced by victims of sexual abuse. Even if the perpetrator has been duly punished by the criminal justice system, the damage you have suffered from the incident may be lasting. You can trust our sexual abuse attorneys to handle your case with the sensitivity and privacy you deserve. Take the first step towards finding that closure you’ve been looking for. Contact us at Horowitz Law today.

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