Have You Had Open Heart Surgery or a Liver Transplant in the Last Few Years?

Have you received a letter from your hospital stating that you may have been exposed to a Mycobacterium chimaera infection?

Have you been diagnosed with a Mycobacterium chimaera infection?

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Structured Settlement Lump Sum Tx

Structured Settlement Lump Sum Tx

Structured settlements are common in the state of Texas, but not everyone wants a structured settlement!  That is why We Pay More Funding provides structured settlement lump sums in TX for people who want to sell their structured settlements.  In other words, we pay cash for structured settlements.  Many people prefer the idea of receiving a single lump sum payout rather than the periodic payments that they've been awarded in their settlement.  Settlement payments are often structured to provide a stable source of income for the injured party and to keep the insurance company from having to pay out more than they can afford all at once.

Of course, selling a personal injury settlement or structured settlement means you are forfeiting one of your income streams, so selling is not a decision that should be made whimsically.  Still, nobody knows your situation and needs better than you!  If you do decide to sell your structured settlement payments, We Pay More Funding is here for you.

Should I Sell My Structured Settlement?

The only things guaranteed in life are death and changes.  Sometimes, the injured party finds that he or she needs a lump sum payment to make a down-payment on a house, cover medical bills, pay taxes, honor payment obligations, start a business, establish financial security, or for any of many other things that a lump sum payment could be used for.  Fortunately, there are many investors who are looking to buy an annuity, injury settlement, etc. Still, it's important to remember that not all investors are created equally.

Why Choose We Pay More Funding?

At We Pay More Funding, we have a reputation for putting our clients' needs first. This might seem like suicide for a business in the structured settlement industry, but quite the opposite is true. We Pay More Funding has experienced success because it's hard to find a structured settlement investor who isn't out to cheat you out of your money. Because we have continuously put our clients' needs and best interests first, more people choose to do business with us.

We Pay More Funding pays the most money for settlement funds.  We guarantee that we will give you top-dollar for your settlement annuity.  We can give you your settlement money upfront so that you can do what you need to do with your money.  If you have any questions about how structured settlements work, feel free to contact the National Structured Settlement Trade Association. You may also contact We Pay More Funding to learn more about our company.

Benefit from Our Experience

With our 30+ years of expertise in the structured settlement industry, you can count on We Pay More Funding to deliver on time every time.  We know how to navigate the structured settlement legal process, ensuring that we do it the right way.  If not, there will be heavy tax implications. Contact We Pay More Funding and benefit from our long-standing reputation of integrity and our immense experience in the structured settlement industry.


Structured Settlement Lump Sum Tx
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Structured Settlement Lump Sum Tx
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