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Super Speeder Ga

Super Speeder Ga

Every speed lover needs an armory of knowledge about the area’s speeding tickets. The term super-speeder sounds cool to peers you want to impress, but as contrasting meaning to authorities.

Statistics indicate that at least one person dies every day from a motor-accident related injury. Georgia has specific rules to define a super speeder. This term belongs to the driver who passes the 75mph on a two-lane highway or 85mph on any other road. The expensive title puts other drivers are risk and poses potentially massive property damage. Here is a more technical breakdown of the super speeder in Georgia.

What is the definition of a super speeder?

The super speeder law in Georgia took effect in 2010. One of the many different payments for the super speeder is a $200 fine that goes to the state’s hospital system for traumatic care. 66% of patients who receive care in trauma hospitals are recipients of injuries from motor vehicle crashes. The state intends to impose the law with additional penalties for high-risk drivers.  The state then sends an official notice in the mail, from the onset to the finalization of the case.

What is the result of violating the super speeder law?

Anyone found guilty has 120 days to pay the fine, from the date of the conviction. The driver’s license will attract a suspension and a $50 license reinstatement fee until you can pay the fine. Luckily, Georgia residents can pay the super speeder fine online.

How does the super speeder ticket apply to out-of-state drivers?

The rule applies to out-of-state drivers, who could only be passing through the state. Ignoring the fine and other court orders will revoke your non-resident driving privilege in the country. Your state will report the suspension to your state and trigger possible suspension of your license. The simple definition is that you may not qualify to drive in any other state in the area.

Do you need an attorney to process the super speeder conviction?

The implication of a super speeder follows the same legal process as another speeding ticket case. This case means you may need an attorney to resolve the speeding matter in court.

The super speeder tickets add up to six points to the driving record, per an analysis by the Georgia Department of Driver Services. You will need the attorney to argue your case for lesser fines and punishments, or express your out-of-state status for fairer trials. We can also fight the speeding ticket by invalidating the police report and making an appearance in court on your behalf. Entering a NOLO will help increase points and add several benefits to shield from high insurance premiums.

Is it worth pursuing an appeal?

Speeding is a misdemeanor in Georgia and not a real traffic offense. Learning the legal rights of your potential penalties allows you a fair fighting chance. Please do not overwhelm yourself with a super speeder in Ga ticket when you can sit back and let us handle all the legal repercussions for the best possible outcome. Skype or call (404)-567-5515 for a free consultation with a qualified super speeder attorney.


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