Pharmacy Errors

A single pharmacy fills thousands of prescriptions each week. When strict safeguards are not followed, errors can happen. Most people would be shocked at the number of calls my law firm receives about mistakes involving mis-filled pill bottles or mistakes in dosage instructions. For example, a common error concerns a pill bottle filled with a completely different drug than the one prescribed by the physician. The patient unknowingly consumes the medication and, depending on what it is, can be badly harmed.

Sometimes a pharmacy technician types the dosage instructions incorrectly. Rather than “take one per day,” maybe the pill bottle instructs to “take 3 each day at meals.” Such a mistake can dangerously triple the daily dosage of an otherwise therapeutic medication.

If you feel that a pharmacy failed to properly fill your prescription, give us a call or email attorney This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.